Draw random Twitter followers, retweets and hashtags instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions (Please read):

Why is it not working / am I getting "null" as a result?

Sorry, but a null result occurs when the wrong information is inputted. Inputting anything other than a single username, single tweet ID (the long number) for retweets, or single hashtag may produce a null result. The tweet ID (for retweets) is commonly inputted incorrectly. Reminder: do not input the URL, only input the long number present in the URL - that is the reference you need. Can't find this? Click on the date of a tweet to reveal the URL with the long reference number.

Can I draw from multiple accounts/hashtags/tweets?

No, the service cannot randomly pick from multiples of any of the above. Twitterdraw only works for individual draws.

Can I combine account/retweet/hashtag draws?

No, the service cannot randomly pick from combinations of any of the above. The common combination of follow/retweet draws (i.e. follow this account and retweet this status) cannot be drawn in conjunction. Twitterdraw only works for individual draws.

Disclaimer: Twitterdraw is in no way associated with Twitter. Please note, It is wholly dependant on Twitter's API, and may be restricted or limited, or unavailable, depending on Twitter's API infrastructure. It is advised that you familiarise yourself with relevant API limits if there is a possibility of exceeding them with any search or draw. Caveat utilitor.